Saturday, April 30, 2011


Wow, I seriously don't know what to write about today. At all.

So, I'll let you in on an organization I have been interested in:

In case you don't know me, or don't know me all that well, my heartbreak is for human trafficking. The only way I know how to answer the question, "why human trafficking," is by telling you it is my worst fear. I mean think about it. The scenario for these victims usually consists of some or all of these:

-They were sold by a loved one.
-Or they are orphans to begin with.
-They were deceived by an employer to leave their homes and families.
-They are drugged.
-They are beaten.
-They never stay in the same place for too long.
-They usually never know where exactly they are.
-They usually can't speak the language of the country they're in nor can they attempt to communicate with people outside to get help.
-And if they take the chance to get help, law enforcement often mistake trafficked victims as illegal aliens.
-They THINK their family is counting on this twisted form of work.
-Culture has taught them that leaving a job would dishonor their family so they never try to leave even though it's a sick, twisted way of making money that doesn't actually make them or their family any money.
-They are forced into hard labor.
-They are raped repeatedly, every single day... by up to 4 clients in a single hour for God only knows how many hours a day.
-Half of these 27 million slaves are experiencing this in their childhood.

... Let that all sink in.

Makes you angry doesn't it? Me too.

The A21 Campaign, though I have yet to work with them myself, seems to be very thorough in the way they approach this issue. I appreciate that a lot because, in my opinion, there are too many organizations out there who stop at awareness. Education is extremely important, but it's almost useless. If an organization has enough resources to be large and well known, why not expand it to be even more effective? Awareness without direct action to fix the problem is... Well, it eventually becomes stagnant. Its power only goes so far. Meanwhile, slaves aren't being rescued, they aren't being cared for or rehabilitated and the Johns, kiln owners, crop owners, etc. never get persecuted.

Phew. Like I said, it makes me angry.

What am I doing about it? Well, maybe tomorrow I'll talk about how I am all talk and no action.
In the meantime, check out A21's website at the link above. Pray for those living enslaved in this very moment- that the Lord would be near to them and remind them of His True Love and justice.

I'm out.

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