Saturday, April 09, 2011


Woops, almost forgot to blog today!

Hm, I may keep this one short with a question or two.

I was wondering earlier today... is it wrong to care more about the success of others than your own?
Sometimes I feel that way.
Actually, I feel that way a lot of the time.
And trust me, I am not "explana-bragging" (for all you Community fans out there!) nor attempting to build my own pedestal...

It's not that I don't enjoy my own personal success,
but I almost feel healthier and even more alive when I support someone else along the way toward their endeavors.

When I watch my awesomely, creative and talented friends complete a project or establish a career, I am thrilled! Even if they aren't my core, closest, "bestest" friend, if I know them and love their work I will probably be equally as enamored.

Hm, maybe that's my female, natural "helper" wiring showing through. shrugs.
Or is this part of my gifting?
As you all know, I am on the hunt to find my gift and it is only getting closer!
Ha, it has probably been right under my nose all this time.
I can feel God smiling at me right now. (A colon/single parenthesis smiley face isn't sufficient for this sentence.)

Welp, that is all I got for tonight. Though I did think of talking more about relating to Job's life just now, it is nearly midnight so it is going to have to wait.

Til tomorrow then!

(I only WISH I knew Tyler Ward– that would justify my adoration for him! ; D)

More on this song tomorrow too!

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