Sunday, April 03, 2011


That word seems to be surrounding my thoughts as of late.

...Sorry, I will not be able to continue in complete thoughts until this song is done playing:

Hehe though I wouldn't say what she says verbatim, this song sure gives some sense of release :D

Ahem.... Potential.

The books I am currently reading- In Charge and Uncharitable -scream this word between every line. One, the potential of every person on this planet and just how much of our potential we take to the grave if we neglect to pursue it in life. The second, how the world of charity exists within a system that actually works against itself and does not live up to its true capabilities.

"True Leadership is not a product of a course of study, but a course in self-discovery."

I know people twice, almost three times, my age still trying to find themselves.
I don't want to wait. (♩ ♪ for our lives to be over... ♩ ♪)

; )

"God has a plan for you, and He already gave you the potential to fulfill it. He gave you what it takes to claim your leadership spot. He built the capacity into you. He has high expectations for you, so He gave you the ability to carry them out. He designed you for leadership."

Nor do I want to wait for my industry to catch up with the ambitions of my generation.

"Thus, the term "nonprofit" means, literally, nonprogress... It apologizes for itself before it begins. It seems to understand only what it is against and is rudderless with respect to what it is for. It is from this starting position that we attempt to transform society or, put more accurately, do not attempt it, under the false impression that we do...

So we have to ask ourselves, Why do things seem to stay pretty much the same? Why have our cancer charities not found a cure for cancer? Why have our homeless shelters not solved the problem of homelessness? Why do children still go hungry on the streets of America? Why have the pictures of starving children in Africa not changed in five decades? Why, in this age of incredible affluence, do we seem unable to close the gaps that divide those who live in comfort and those who suffer?"

We are all capable of meeting a need in our world. The question is, will we?
I doubt we even recognize how much we are capable of.

" will be called Repairer of Broken Walls, Restorer of Streets with Dwellings."
-Isaiah 58:12b

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