Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Today, I found out some of the most thrilling news: my dear friend, Sarah, photographed Taylor Swift's new album images!


I can hardly write for lack of words! Seeing these images brought me back to our teen years when Sarah was first launching her new business and she had just taken me on to be her Studio Manager. I remember working out of her bedroom at first and then eventually upgrading to the small laundry room upstairs in her parents' home. 

What an ideal set up: working with the one girl on this planet that makes me laugh so hard that our conversations are more like a few random words being spat out between deep, hearty laughter. Yet, we have always worked so well together. She had the creativity and vision, I managed the details. 

A dream job.

Seeing the newly released images brought me back to one of my first tasks for Sarah: to file the EIN number of what was then called Sarah Anne Photography.

Who knew that this would be part of her success story? We have always been dreamers, Sarah and I, but to see growth, development, and expansion take place is such a wonder of its own.

My favorite kind of people are the people I get to dream with; but we fight to never be satisfied with dreaming only. They push, pull, mold and shape what they have in their hands until it eventually becomes a tangible form of the vision they sought after all the time.

I cannot stop thinking about how proud I am of Sarah.
She started with a dream board in her teenage bedroom.
She spoke life over her circumstances and worked diligently with every opportunity brought to her, however small.
She puts herself into her work and uses her business as an outlet to simply love people, laugh with them, and empower them.
What a privilege to call her friend! Though we are an ocean away, she sharpens me without having to say a word.

Well done, dear friend! Your diligence has brought you before kings. I love you so much and am believing for exceedingly, abundantly and immeasurably more to continue pouring out over your life.  This is just the beginning!!