Monday, April 18, 2011


Random revelation for the day:

Today I was talking to someone who recommended an employment position to me. Coming from my perspective, I can't say I have had much prior knowledge of the way this particular industry worked and what I was qualified for. In my mind I always thought to apply for the position requiring the least qualifications. At the mention of this thought, she immediately said, "Nooo, no, no. You have your degree! You shouldn't take that position, psh that job is all tension and no pay. Here's what you should apply for..."

Suddenly, I came to the realization that often times we don't recognize what we are capable or worthy of until someone tells us or shows us.
It's easy to go through life with this "poverty mindset," isn't it?
We keep ourselves down because of this mentality!

I'm glad there are people in life who teach me how to grow so I don't continue to shrink back in fear and timidity.

I'm glad I serve a God who reminds me of my worth everyday. He says I am more than a conqueror, a princess, and co-heir of the same inheritance as Jesus Christ himself.

Dang. I have a lot more to offer than I have let myself believe.
... and so do you.

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