Saturday, April 21, 2012


Earlier this week, a preacher challenged everyone in the room to use our own words to exalt God with praise. I stopped short, lost for words. At first I was troubled by the thought that I was unable to just let the exaltations flow, but once the session came to a close I managed some time alone to think, write and enjoy the view of where I live right now.

Sitting on a cliff's edge, I sat soaking in the sunset against my back. Before me, the soothing sound of waves crashed, the salty ocean air blew against my face, and the sight of surfers in the big blue ocean sent cheerful greetings from below.

With little editing, this is what I wrote:

"Father God,

Water is much like You. In small amounts, You are easy to handle, refreshing to take in, and harmless to play around with.

But when I finally stand in– wade deeper into– Your great, massive presence I quickly lose control. I get lost in the enormity of waves cycling through the sea. The sound of crashing waves is like a warning to anyone who comes near; an alarm to signal the power and intensity each one contains.

Oh God, just like I sit at this cliff's edge staring at the rocks below– so it is with my life. I'm at the edge. I can either walk away with my little thermos of water or take another step forward and leap off the cliff to be carried away by all that You are.

Oh I so long to be carried away by Your overwhelmingly powerful presence and will; to be in a state where I have lost control, but allow myself to be swept up and carried by Your presence all over me.

Jesus, I don't want to settle for my convenient cup of You whenever I get thirsty. Let me know You like I know the ocean.

In Jesus' Name,