Wednesday, April 13, 2011


... Say what?!

Today was fun. Lookie what I got to do!:

This beautiful baby lamb is only one week old... so adorable. She followed me around the barn after I set her down. Can't say I've held any sheep before but this one snuggled her way into my heart the minute she tried to lay a wet one on me. I loved being around all the livestock, kittens, and dog. Granted, I know being a farmer isn't about hanging on to your animals, but knowing how to manage them.

Being on a farm today gave me a more real understanding of what God meant when He gave us dominion over the earth. We aren't meant to dominate each other, but the resources God has already supplied us. It was amazing to see the way every sheep, cow, pig, and pet responded to the farmer. They knew who the master was immediately! To "be fruitful and multiply," makes a whole lot of sense and seems much more feasible when we know what has been put into our care and how to manage it.

And another encouraging part of my day:

Skyping with my friend Christy! She is such an encouragement and an example to me of what it means to faithfully follow the Lord's call for our lives. I am so impressed with the courage she shows every day to be faithful to The Great Commission. It is empowering to hear how God has provided for her every need as she has remained faithful to Him.

Love it. I love how much easier it seems to stay in touch with my friends across the world. Kind of funny how that is, but I enjoy it nonetheless. It's like I get to see a new nation without all the expenses, travel time and jet lag! Those things will never stop me from actually traveling though, that is for sure!

Ahhh, what an inspiring day. The Lord is teaching me to selah.


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