Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Today has brought about a few instances where the concept of trust has crossed my mind. As scary as trusting is, we sell our relationships short on a daily basis by our lack of trust. For example, I was watching an episode of Community where Jeff Winger asks an engaged woman about her prenuptial agreements before taking her vows. He sounded so casual and presented it like it is the wisest decision she could make. Anyone who has seen any common show on cable today has probably heard this kind of dialogue being exchanged. Prenuptial agreements have seemingly become as much a part of the dating/engagement/marriage process as a man proposing with a diamond ring!

What kind of foundation is that?!
It's practically telling the person straight up, "I don't trust you."

I get it, relationships are scary. People take a huge risk by to joining his or her life with someone else's.
But instead of each choosing to be more trustworthy and demanding the same kind of integrity from another, we decide we cannot possibly change ourselves and instead, change the law.

I think I'll call the disinterest in changing one's character, "laziness of the will."

Even when used for the sake of protecting family wealth... it all boils down to trust, or the lack thereof.

And God.

Of course I have to bring up God! Silly.

It is so sneaky a moment when I develop my own expectations and set my heart on one aim. In that moment the unraveling begins and what started out as a tightly woven, carefully crafted knit of trust in the Lord comes undone.

No, no, no.
Trust in the LORD!
With all your heart.
And stop leaning on your own understanding!

That is how so many safeguards are created- we stop trusting in the Lord, as a nation or as individuals, and we lean on our own understanding of how the world works, how it should be structured; how our hearts should be guarded and our livelihood protected.

What we really need is the LORD.
He promises to direct us if we would only seek to genuinely know Him for ourselves.
Plus, all of His other promises support us in all the other things we worry about!
Promises made from the most Trustworthy of all.

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