Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Not THIS Introverted!

I've been studying here since about 10 am.
Yesterday, I was here from about 9:30am-4:30 pm including a good lunch break w/ HP :) and then I went to my night class...
Tomorrow it starts all over again: 6:00 alarm, 7:30 class, online class/study.
I don't think I've seen my roommate for more than 5 minutes since the week started.

Sorry I just gotta let this out.

I like being independent... but this is a bit much.
Haha, this is complete proof that I am not a 100% introvert.
My friends, so many of them are here on campus doing the CA thing or whatever...
but if I don't stay focused on my work there's no way I'll keep up.
Thankfully, I've pretty much got the week's assignments over with for one class, just gotta keep up reading for the other and online discussion for the "other other" class.
Tonight's gonna be sooo good :)
Can you tell I've been thinking a little much?

I'd be surprised if anyone's made it this far down, sorry this is so boring!

Another flight on Friday! Both exciting and stressful at the same time.
It'll be good, as always :)

I need to find something else to do...
Like sleeping. Or eating...
That'd be good :)

Wow this is a sad blog...