Saturday, September 17, 2011


6th Official Blog Post in AU. 17 September 2011

I wrote this letter to a girl I met last night. We met on the train because she had too much to drink and really needed some water. I just happened to be the person in the train car with a bottle of water to spare. As transit concluded, I realized how much I wish I could have said or done, but I hope the little I had done and said was enough for God to use in their lives...

My dear girl,

I wish I could have embraced you and told you, “there is more to life than this, I promise.” I want you to know just how beautiful you really are- you don’t need the sexy dress, the sparkly shoes, or braided hair to achieve it. You are precious as you are- a diamond shining through the dirt of what people think you should be.

Sweety, please don’t waste your life listening to your friends when they say, “suck it up; drink some more.” That life will only leave you empty; it will void out your sense of meaning or purpose. Please, please hold tight tonight. Be smart; smarter than the voices around you and often times even wiser than your own voice of compromise. You are not alone in this. Step out and be different- don't be afraid.

I wish I thought quickly enough to say, “Jesus loves you,” or invite you and your friend to church with me tomorrow. My greatest hope is that you and your friend don’t look at me like I am just a good person. As flattering as it was for your friend to say that people should be more like me, the truth is that people really shouldn’t be more like me, but more like Jesus- the one I weakly aspire to imitate. I am praying you see past me and see Him instead.

Honey, you are so dearly loved... so very, dearly loved. Please, I pray you spend the rest of your life getting to know True Love. My heart longs for you to live a full, satisfying life of hope and promise with the God who keeps all His promises and fills you to overflowing.

I love you because Christ first loved us...


*Hephzibah means "My delight is in her." (I believe this name is a reflection of what the Lord wants to call this girl who remains nameless to me.)