Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I should google why the human brain seems to slow down when the temperature is really hot. That is what I have been battling all day. Much like life, the weather lately does not seem to know how to segue into a new season. One day it's snowing, the next day it pours down rain, and the next it's 80˚F!

Not that I'm complaining or anything... (though I kind of was just now). I have been waiting for this weather for the last several months. I only wish there was time for 70˚ weather to showcase itself for the sake of our bodies to adjust.

Okay, sorry. I am totally boring cyber space with my rant about the weather. It is hard to think of much else today. So I will find a way to tie the weather, and a couple tweets, into this blog. Here goes:

Earlier today, I saw a friend's tweet which said, "maybe we were meant to exist in the rain."
I can just look at the way nature has been these last few weeks and prove that such a concept does not make sense!
Sure, there are seasons of rain, but we do not remain there.
What is the purpose of rain?

This time last week or two weeks ago, every single day was full of rain pouring down from the sky.
From Sunday to Saturday, every day was gloomy and cold.
Then what happened?
The new week came. Suddenly, the sun was shining. Almost as suddenly as the sun came out, every flower and tree bud blossomed and caused the neighborhood to light up with color.

The rain-however cold, wet and endless it seems at times- is necessary for growth. Rain is essential to a flower's purpose.
In the same way, facing a season of confusion or complication may seem endless, but it is not meant to harm you; nor is it a season that remains. It wouldn't be called a season if change never took place.

The way I see it is like this: rain feeds a plant. During "rainy seasons" in my life, I cannot help but seek the Lord for counsel and strength. He feeds me with wisdom, knowledge, and confidence to remain in Him. I soak in the rain for nourishment, though clouds, thunder and lightning surround. When the storming stops and the sun shines through the clouds, I am found ready. There is no difficulty in expanding from a bud to a blossom because everything I needed for this new season was already poured into me during the season prior.

He is always preparing you for more. He is always strengthening you for another season. Don't stand still in this one thinking no other season will come. Cherish the rain. Seek out the purpose for the rain.

It is pretty astounding how the Lord takes care of the earth! But Beloved, He takes care of us even more.

I figured another friend's tweet for the end might be appropriate as well:

"God wouldn't let something come your way unless He trusted you enough to take victory over it. #Heisforyou"

He will never give you something the two of you cannot handle together. There is always a purpose to rain, it is not the end of your story.

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