Wednesday, May 04, 2011


Oh man, up until 3 minutes ago I seriously forgot about blogging today.

Life is getting busier, thank God. At the same time, I am so glad it is gradual. Heaven knows I would be a wreck if I suddenly just jumped into a normal life again. God is so merciful and understanding too. He knows how to bring us out of the wilderness slowly to test the strength we gained in the tough times. There's still a conscious correcting that having time allows into a thought process when old ways want to come back.

I just thought back to a tweet I posted earlier today that maybe I should clarify to my friends (if they actually read this). I retweeted a quote by Van Morrison which said, "Music is spiritual, the music business is not." To which I added, "It's official, I'm over Nashville. Hello 2 the rest of my life!" So here it is:

Dear professional or aspiring musicians/vocalists/songwriters/producers/engineers/publishers/etc.,

I love that you love what you do. I love all of your creativity and ability to be vulnerable through music. I don't hate Nashville. In fact I have often missed it. However, I am joyful in the security of knowing that Nashville is not for me. I spent a substantial number of years there and enjoyed every bit of it. The world is just far too big for me to stick with my past. It always has been. And life only moves forward, never backward. Though I tried to return, the attempts literally felt like swimming upstream. Alas, my heart is healed from the pain of letting go, but a new excitement has taken place. I do believe that joy has always been in me buried deep as I always love new adventures. But this time I just wouldn't let it manifest in my heart since my head was telling me to take control and hold on tight to what was; what ground I had already covered and the roots already placed. This is me officially saying we are through. Unless God so surprisingly brings us together again in the years ahead, this is my adieu.
So you see, my dear Nashvillians, it's not you, it's me. :)

Yours Affectionately,



a girl named heather said...

OOOOOO so where DOES life lead the Sarah!?!

Sarah Renée said...

Hehe, well Miss Heather that is TBA :)