Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Some New Development...

Hey Ya'll! (I'm prepping for goin down south in a few weeks from now...)

I hope you've all been enjoying this wonderful summer season!! I know, personally, that my schedule has suddenly flooded with things to do it's INSANE but awesome at the same time!

Over the weekend, my brother, sister & I took the train down to the city. Ahhhh it's like a breath of fresh air just to chill downtown...I like nature a lot, but I think I need the balance between country & city to be truly healthy! Anywho...

We just walked around the city til we found a place to chill and my brother went off to take some pictures w/ the new 30D while my sis and I caught up on some reading :)

From there, we took the train out to meet up w/ my cousin, Ralph and our Aunt & Uncle for dinner at this casino/seafood buffet restaurant called The Boat:

On a more exciting note!:
I'm going to be starting another blog pretty soon and you can check out some of the stuff that I've been keepin busy with lately!

Here's a hint: It has somethin to do with San Francisco, CA, Chicago, IL, and...Nashville, TN? :)

STAY TUNED! I'm off to bed for the next two hours and then we head out for a road trip to the East Coast! Good night! :)


Sarah Barlow said...

WHOA!! I didn't know you are driving out to the East Coast! Wow! Have fun! Can't wait to see all the pics! :)

Ginger Murray said...

haha! Love the sunglasses pic.