Saturday, July 28, 2007

Birthday x 3!

So, I turned a year older this past Thursday...but, you can't know how old I am cuz we're on the internet and I just think that's too much information! lol Things turned out to be so different than what I expected (story of my life and you should know that I have the GREATEST friends ever! :) Here's the layout:

Celebration #1:
Tiramisu "cake" at Maggiano's!! One of the best desserts that ever was...

Celebration #2:
This was on my actual birthday, my brother and sister took me out to Romano's Macaroni was the best!! I could live off of Italian food and am actually trying to learn how to speak Italian too so it was a HUGE treat when our waitress came out with the. most. delicious. chocolate cake in the entire world. At the same time, she sang "Happy Birthday" in Italian!!!! She made my day :)

Celebration #3:
That same night, I had dinner w/ my whole was nice. :) I don't think I ever laugh as hard as I do when it's just the 5 of us sittin around the dinner table!! In case you don't know this yet, I love my family to death cuz they are just absolutely amazing!! :-D

Celebration #4:
Yesterday, my mom cooked up a storm!! She always does when we invite a bunch of people over. At first, I didn't expect there to be more than like 10 people, but people kept comin & if ya add some Filipinos into the mix the sound of loud, hearty laughter fills the air...ah, sweet familiarity. :) Unfortunately, I haven't imported the pictures onto my computer yet (I've been loading it up with a bunch of stuff lately....gotta get more memory!!) But it was so chill and fun to just relax with people who are so familiar & loving. We ate & ate & ate, some kicked the soccer ball around and others were chatting. Then we came in & sang worship songs w/ Andrew Barlow leadin the way! There was mad gab & group picture time before people gradually said good night. My cousin & one of our friends, Aubrie, stayed the night. I think we all were in and out of sleep while watching Ocean's 11! I think we finally made it upstairs to hit the sack by 3am...

I am SO blessed!!! :-D

Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday and start the week w/ fresh eyes. Look for God in each day--He's in every part. :)


J@KE said...

Thanks for inviting me.... I had a blast!


BethLaurren said...

happy late birthday!!

And thanks for the comment - I love that song too :)

|| davidjay || said...

You're wonderful and I am so sorry I missed you in Chicago. I totally dropped the ball on getting back to people before the trip so I'm gonna need to make another special trip out to have a post birthday celebration with all of you! - Let's do it at the top of the Hancock - at night! ;)

Lotsa love,

Ginger Murray said...

I love cake!! If you get the chance to have multiple Bday cakes, life is VERY good!
Happy belated!
Love that photo of you blowing out the candles.