Sunday, July 08, 2007

Advice Giving vs. Practical Living...

Over lunch today, my dad got my wheels turning over the format of certain churches...I've been digesting thoughts ever since.

The church I go to presently is very different from the church I used to go to...I think I've chosen to stay simply because of the pastor and the fact that I was so heavily involved before I packed up my life and headed down south...

But now that I can think objectively about both churches, I've realized how comfortable I am in my church. It's almost too "good", ya know what I mean? It's so organized it's almost disgusting!

You see, growing up, I was taught to live out the word of God. I am to claim what is mine over evil because I have the power to do that through Christ. Learning about God's word was very physical...very action based.

Where I am attending now is just always listening...and then watching the big screens on the side of the walls like I'm in a movie theater (it just recently broke into the mega church arena...). The pastor's messages are great! But it's all just handing out advice. And then there's the "I know you may be hurting or going through some huge trial, so pray for God's help..."

Geez. Where's the power in that??

I understand the idea of coming along side someone & sympathizing. But please, God commands us to rejoice ALWAYS! And to KNOW that all things are possible w/ Him. God calls us to trust and love Him with utter devotion, not just when it's convenient for us to fit Him into our schedule...

Our lives should be scheduled around Him.
(Easier said than done, yes, but possible, I think).

Thoughts anyone?


Natalie Joy said...

I have some!;) lol sorry. haha:)

Sarah Renée said...

Haha, wow Natalie that was very insightful! THANKS! lol