Monday, July 23, 2007

Back to the Citay... :)

WOW!! The past 5 days have gone by sooo fast! From Wednesday to Saturday, I went out to the East coast and stayed with my Aunt and Uncle. :) We crammed in visiting Philadelphia, the Jersey Shore, and New York City! It was a very spontaneous trip and, though it was short, it was very worth doing.

After a day at the Jersey Shore:

New York City was sooo overwhelming!! It's been years since I've been there and it was just a weird mix between complete awe at all the music industry stuff:

...and disgust...I could never live life that fast!

We got back Saturday night and the next morning I went w/ Sarah Barlow to shoot a wedding for my first time!! Yes, getting the 30D was the start to doing photography "for real". :)

Presently, my friend Amaryah is here to visit me from Miami & we decided to have a day to relax...We're watchin Pride & Prejudice! Woohoo!! lol

Anyway, I'd like to elaborate on the wedding yesterday and my happening w/ Amaryah in the upcoming posts so stay tuned! :)

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