Thursday, July 12, 2007

Shopping Spree?!

At the beginning of my time at home, I just went thru this craze of making an inventory of my clothes and then sending a bunch to India or Phillipines...then I tried to stay away from shopping until the month of my birthday...July. :)

Dun Dun DUHHH!! lol

It's been a couple trips w/ friends and then the day before yesterday my family did our annual shopping trip (this begun after we each started living somewhere else...). It was awesome! I don't think I've ever had so much fun shopping!
Right after our all day event, my siblings & I went to the fitness center to go work out. Needless to say, we were tired by the end of the night.
Haha, this shot is of my sister...she didn't quite make it to her pj's! And yes, this really is candid. :)

It was nice to "refill" my closet instead of just hoarding everything for myself...I'm not trying to praise myself or is just fun and so is giving things away! :)

To end this post, I just wanna share a silly picture of my dad from the 4th...just cuz, ya know, he's a pretty cool guy. :) lol

Have a wonderful day!


Ginger Murray said...

I love Banana Republic.

Natalie Joy said...

OMG! I'm sooooo jealous of her tan! :)

Sarah Renée said...

HAhaha, yeah she's practically black now! It's crazy how tan she's gotten...