Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Heart Cry.

13th Official Blog Post in AU. 29 December 2011
Heavenly Father,
I so desire to be the kind of woman that is set apart from this world. The more I strive to be an incredible woman, the more I see my shortcomings. I can do no good thing apart from You, Lord. 
What will it take to be beautiful; to radiate beauty in my attitude and everyday life? I need a change of heart, God. Destroy my self-seeking state of being. Take my pride and tear it to shreds. All I need is You.
I don’t know how to satisfy these longings apart from Your presence, Father. I don’t know how to grow and feel free to be my true self without believing You when You said, “this is who I’ve created you to be.” 
I have to be confident in the way you have designed me instead of looking to the right and left and suddenly thinking I should look and act more like this girl or that I will only be attractive if I live up to men’s supposed expectations. 
All that You are and all You have done should be enough for me to want to worship you with my lifestyle. My body is a temple– let me worship You by treating it with the best of foods, drinks, and activities. My gifts and talents are given to me for a purpose– let me steward them well instead of suppressing them in fear. My relationships were given to me so that I might proclaim Your Truth into the world– may I proclaim Your glory with grace, boldness and overflowing joy. 
You love me with an everlasting love.
Tell me who I am again, God.
Tell me of all You have purposed for me to be.
Fill my heart and mind with visions of the house I am to build.
Keep me from foolishly tearing it down with my own hands.
Teach me to dream again and be free again...
I want to love You with an everlasting love.
Messiah, my Love, Great God, Holy One; The Most Faithful of All.
I just want to be the best of what You’ve made me to be.
In Jesus’ Precious Name,

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