Sunday, January 15, 2012

Looking Back.

14th Official Blog Post in AU. 6 January 2012
I moved into a new apartment! Let’s just say the amount of stuff I have is ridiculous. Amidst, the crazed and tired atmosphere, something strange happened and it has been burned in my memory ever since.
I left a piece of toast in the panini/sandwich maker.
God only knows how long it’s been in there.
First of all, I realize that that is absolutely disgusting. I am trying my best not to be embarrassed about sharing such a gross fact with all of cyberspace.
All day the image of this formerly toasted, stale bread kept coming around...
That piece of toast is such proof of how distracted I have been this past season–
S p a c e y, overly adaptable, unusually withdrawn socially, non-committal...
not quite myself.
But there is a changing of seasons and I am in transition. I like it!
Change always seems to help prevent complacency.
Here’s to the new year:
A year of awakening.
A year of fruitfulness.
A year of productivity and diligence.
This year I will live genuinely according to who He has made me to be.
And discover the things I never knew I was capable of.
This year, I will not hold back from God.
He desires to make my life flourish.
He makes me influential.
I will be all that He dreams for me.
I will create, build, and distribute what He has anointed my hands to do.
This year, I refuse to accept self-destructive habits, thoughts, or attitudes.
I refuse to be so distracted that I leave toast in the sandwich maker.
I will be successful because He makes me capable.

Teach us to be more focused, faithful, and free to live out the confidence You are calling us to walk in this year. Keep us from wasting this precious time. You have a plan for us in each day. You take the things we dream of and make them grand. I want to live in every moment of developing those dreams to the scale that You are capable of. I know this development only comes in faithfulness to today; in attention to the little things. “Refiner’s fire, my heart’s one desire.”
Let it be. All that You have spoken, let it be.
In Jesus’ Name,

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Steven Ryne said...

Amen! Wish I was a little more eloquent in my words, but Sarah, you and I seem to be going through the same stages with God! Love you!