Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Family Business, Jack Johnson, and Everything Awesome In Between!

AT LAST!!!!!
For those of you that don't know, my brother, sister and I have been working at starting a photography business together. Weddings, Fashion, Headshots, Bands, Marketing...ya know, for all that fun stuff in life!
Well, my sister just sent me the link to the blog and it's great!

I have to say, my gratitude for my brother and sister has risen at the sight of that blog. Seeing something online for it is making me realize just how real it is... they have put way more work into the company than I even realized since I'm here in my little college world just trying to get to graduation and shooting for ministries before really invest my time into this business.
But it's SO exciting! So check it out! My brother's the one who's been shooting everything that's on the blog right now (I'll be adding some VERY soon!) but there will be more to come!!


I had to write a paper for class with the topic "Technology and its impact on...[fill in the blank]" and had a lightbulb moment when I thought of the recent CD I had bought, Jack Johnson's Sleep Through The Static, and how the album was recorded using 100% solar energy.

So I checked out his website and it is AMAZING what Jack Johnson and his crew are doing to minimize waste! (Yes, I am an environmentalist in the making) But this other organization: One Percent for the Planet is SO cool. :) They basically just work with businesses to donate 1% toward a cause that FTP is partnered with. I looked at the website and without hesitation thought "I would love to work with these guys!" I don't know why, it just seemed intriguing. :)

Enjoy surfing these sites! :-D


J@KE said...

you would like to know now wouldn't you.....

OK so you know it's not mine and it's not my girlfriend's (because I still don't have one) so it's got to be a friend's that I might be doing their wedding in late summer so that's the deal.... Believe you me, I wish it was for me..... the time will come.

BTW it's my birthday on Wednesday and I'd invite you to my party but you are kinda ocupado at the moment so I pray all is going well and thanks for the comment it was nice to sorta catch up.... if you could call it that?? Anyway I'll see ya when I see ya



a girl named heather said...

love it.
that's all.

J@KE said...

you are totally right about the girl thing.... You'd know by now but I don't know about this bride... we'll have to see.... Always glad to hear from you and you can comment or e-mail at anytime....