Tuesday, March 04, 2008

{{.Exceeding Expectations.}}

You remind me...
Words You've spoken over my life
Promises I've yet to see
You comfort me

Man. Life is good.
I have the tendency to forget to write blogs when I'm happy cuz I just keep going with life.
But these are the times that are most important to record!

What a year. :)

I am very aware that my life isn't perfect,
but it is so undeniably covered in grace, love, and blessings!
Every time I stop questioning God about what's next
or how I should handle situations-
It all simply comes together!

Suddenly, opportunities and decisions fall right into my lap,
progress takes place without my even knowing,
and then I hesitate cuz I just can't believe that it's right there and green lights are flashing around me!

Ah, the beauty of surrender.

I feel sorry for people who think that Christianity is a list of do's and don'ts!
They're missing out on the DEFINITION of freedom!

Gosh, I am so excited about all the things God's been speaking into my life!
The year to come is going to be such a journey!!


a girl named heather said...

1.you would take a picture of that and not buy it. haha.
2.new camera purchasing time--your help is requested be me. that should be our next hang out time.
3.surrender is sweet.
4.have i mentioned we need a few days to catch up?
5.how can you forget to blog when you're happy? i blog the most when i'm happy? how are we that different. hahaha

i love you src!

lauren said...

i write more when i am not so happy, too. Then looking back, it seems like my life is not very joyful. Sad. So im glad you are writing about being happy!