Thursday, March 31, 2011


Where does inspiration come from?

I mean, I wish I blogged more. I wish I wrote songs more often. I wish I played piano and guitar more...

Is it the lack of inspiration or motivation?
If only a formula could be found.
Surely it is some sort of mixture of the two added to a few cups of discipline...

The things I believe to love... are they really my passion? If they are, shouldn't I be addicted to each activity? How much of doing something you love comes from passion and how much of it comes from plain old discipline?

Some people find one thing, one skill set, and pursue it until they know every inch and detail.
While people like me are drawn to many things but can never quite stay focused on anything.

Though I agree with what this says, I constantly get caught in a tangle of what to start pursuing first and whether it is the best thing I should pursue.

Wow, I think I just diagnosed my problem: over-analyzing.
And how did I come to this sudden moment of resolve? By writing. Even though I felt no inspiration.

I know this post doesn't seem like much, even I am surprised at how much focus I seem to be getting all of a sudden!

New Goal: one blog post every day. It can be long, short, deep, shallow, fun or serious, just as long as I discipline myself to do this. Oof, I am getting nervous now that this new goal is posted into cyber space!!

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