Monday, October 01, 2007

A Picture Summary of September :)

I know, I know, I'm behind on my blogs...story of my life once the school year hits again! Here are some pictures that consist of what I've been doing over the past month just to give you an idea of the awesome life I have down here (tho stressful at times, but that's inevitable).

Of course there's tooooons more, but I never pull out my camera when I'm in the midst of those pinnacle moments with people. I'd rather be swept in and live through the moments instead of thinking about getting pictures all the time. And then of course, the studying/schoolwork part of life will never be documented on camera! lol

But God is so every high and low of this has been amazing to see how much my heart & mindset has changed over the past year. Even though it can be hard sometimes, going through each day is amazing because I get to take another step further into this adventure I am on.

I'm glad that I can honestly say: even through stress, I love my life. :)


Ginger Murray said...

So what you're saying is, is that you've been busy! :)

I've been super busy and stressed too, but we can't complain! I love my life too!

Sarah Barlow said...

AHHH AMAZING times!!! I love you so much Sarah...I wish we could've hung out even more...the "Sarah fix" only lasted about a day:( hehe!!
See you soon!!

Deyl said...

what kind of resource are you looking for on the sub prime crisis?

lending guidelines have tightened up a lot in my world, and there has been a bit of confusion. the good thing is that always creates opportunity!

Ginger Murray said...
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Ginger Murray said...

Oops! That was me!
I think I had a typo, so I wanted to do it again:)
What i SAID was,
How is your October going?
As eventful as your September?

Anonymous said...

well hello! you should post more often :)

Anonymous said...
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