Saturday, September 01, 2007

An Unbelievable Adventure.

This has got to be the most powerful picture I have ever taken in my entire life...


It's amazing what God has been doing in my three weeks here so far. Honestly, it feels like I've been here for months, but rightfully so...

I've never experienced Christ like this in my entire life!! Typing out my experiences is a poor attempt to try and
explain all that's been goin on.

I really don't know what to say...God's working like CRAZY!! I've been learning so much discipline and seeing prayers answered right and left!

Just look at this picture and know that that's what's going on in my campus and this city. I've really been brought back to remembering that life isn't about the fancy restaurants and high fashion clothes...or even success in business. It's just about Him. It's about simplicity & hard work in humility.

It's amazing. Completely amazing.

I wish words were more sufficient. :)


J@KE said...

yeah I'll be posting very soon.... Thanks for the hint. ;-P

Glad to see that God is still working in this world and that He is doing amazing things in your life and school. He has done some pretty cool things in me as well.... I don't think I'll write them all down here but maybe some day you'll see the evidence of the things He's done in me...... ;-)

Talk to you soon,


J@KE said...

I posted.


Morgan Matters said...

How are you Sarah!? Hows school?? How is our 30d :)

BethLaurren said...

Hey girl - I'm a little behind on commenting on this post, but I had to say how good it is for my heart and spirit to hear the passion you feel. That photograph is really powerful. I love hearing that God is moving!