Thursday, May 24, 2007

What a Spontaneous Day!

Wow! I just spent a whopping 12 hours with the Barlows today! CRAZY! But great of course! I got over there a little after 10am and went to work with 1:30, our friend Jenny came by to hang out so we all spent a good long while chatting before we decided what to do next. In our attempt to go to Cheesecake Factory, we landed at Red Robin instead! Mmmm....

Afterward we were all SO full! Lemme tell ya it was almost difficult to walk around! After a while we decided to go swimming to shake off the feeling of all that food in our stomachs. The water felt soooo good....I'm so glad my friends convince me to do things cuz sometimes I don't realize what I would miss out on....

From there, Sarah, Jenny, Natalie and I (all in our swimsuits of course! lol) had a special "spa treatment". Haha, it was an amazing multi-head steam shower!!!! We all felt sooo refreshed afterwards.

After drying off we just hung out some more and Mrs. Barlow came to the rescue with some strawberries, blueberries and blackberries to save us from our sugar cravings! Did I mention we dipped them in chocolate? YUM!

Well, here's to a refreshing day. :) It's really gotten me pumped to start getting outside to do activities more, I love it! What a beautiful day.

This is what God's taught me a little more about today...I've really realized how much I tend to settle for the good things. And that's okay, but I don't hold out for the GREAT things that he really does want to bless me with. They're the things I'm not sure about or don't know exist...I don't hold out because I don't go out on a limb to trust beyond what's in my reach. And this is in regards to such a vast array of things!
Haha, let's put it in terms of photography: I thought about shopping for a camera and what kind I want. I immediately thought, well how 'bout a canon rebel xt/xti? I mean, it's simple, it's basic and I don't really need anything extravagant (I'm mostly a practical person, I guess!). But as I was lookin in the mirror this morning with those thoughts God replied, Why aren't you holding out for a 20D? I know that's what you want deep down, Sarah. Why do you have to settle for something that's just okay in your eyes and Mine? Don't you know I want to bless you with more than you give Me credit for? Please, just let go of the security you find in being close-minded and just let Me do what I want to do for you!
It was the same with my computer situation this past year! Though I didn't hold out, He still came through and blessed me out of no where with the computer I'm typing on right now. :)
So I'm waiting on him to show me more than the standards I lower for myself all the time...this is so much more than materialistic, too...
He's such a bless-er!


Tim said...

so i miss you and all our talks..hope all is well!

BethLaurren said...

Hi Sarah! I'm so excited to meet you! Sarah gushes all the time about how wonderful you are :)

Natalie Joy said...

Ok. I must say that is one of the worst pics of me ever. ugh!
But that was a fun night!! WE gotta do it again!!:)