Monday, May 21, 2007

So much on my mind...

Man oh man! What a year God has brought me through! There's so much that I've learned it seems difficult to fathom...what a big God I serve--and what blessings He has bestowed upon me! I just...ahhh...let me just list out the things God has opened my eyes to:

--Love is not simply defined by a feeling. It is exactly what the bible says it is! And there is no fear in perfect love. Perfect love is only found in Christ.

--I have been so naive about the way life is to be lived!

--Grace is so important. You can't just run away from difficult relationships (though I have that tendency!), you have to show unconditional love even if dealing with that person seems hard.

--Faith is the foundation for miracles...and miracles aren't always displayed in a grand performance. A lot of times they are overlooked.

--Purity is all about becoming. It's not something we had from the beginning and have lost. We were born with impurity and sin, but strive to break away from those chains to become more.

--Words are a powerful thing. They set things in motion even if we don't realize it. That's why holding your tongue is important.

--God never overlooks tithing from an honest giver. He is our Provider, and not just financially, but in EVERY way! We are to put Him to the test to provide for us--He WILL come through!

--Living with uncertainty=living w/ complete reliance on God. Uncertainty is a good thing.

--I need to enjoy where I am in life presently instead of getting caught up in growing up so much. Ecclesiastes talks about being happy and enjoying the days of our youth while still living a life that follows God's commands.

--Trusting God is so much more freeing than trying to control my circumstances.

--Making judgements of people is not my responsibility. Loving them regardless is.

--It's so important to let go of the past, especially when it has already been forgotten by God. Don't live in the past--it could become your future.

--Honesty, laughter, and real love are the key factors to great relationships.

--When you want to win an argument (esp. a theological one), have proof/backup.

--Crying is necessary.

--So is laughter.

--Both bring you closer to people.

--"The King is enthralled by your beauty"--Psalm 45:11 ENTHRALLED!! How in love can ya get??

It's all about vulnerability. Towards God, towards other grows you so much and gives you such endurance to just keep moving.

Well..that's my summary for the's been unbelievable and every single moment unexpected. I feel so stretched and pulled even still cuz I continue on in learning about life.

On Sunday, my pastor said this, "I don't think there was ever an ordinary day in the life of Jesus. There were always challenges He had to face..."
I hope I can say the same for mine...wooo....that's one of those dangerous things to hope for! But so worth it :)

Love you guys! I hope to start updating this more often then I have during the year so don't go away!


Tim said...

i didn't know you had one of these dangblasted blogs!! how's chi treating you??

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