Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Introducing: The Belmont Crew...

Hey Ya'll! :-P
Since I can't bring my new friends up there for you to meet, I figured I'd introduce you online...oh, technology. Anyway, these are the people here at Belmont that I've become the closest friends to so far. They are awesome and it's pretty hilarious how inseperable we can be sometimes! Lemme introduce you:

This is Cait:




and Zac:

It's been so much fun getting to know them and hearing what God's done in their lives so far. And such an enormous blessing to be able to have a hilarious time with people that aren't interested in getting involved in stupid stuff!

I wish you all could meet them for real--and maybe one day you will! It's definitely a God thing that the six of us became friends--I only have a class with one of them!!

Well, that's all for now...it's time to say goodnight!

All My Love,


Sarah Barlow said...

OH MAN!!! Looks like such a blast!!!
Can't wait to come visit!!!

Lee Springer said...

I hope I don't need a login to publish. Make smart choices. and don't do drugs. Plus tell Justin he looks fine... then say this calmly to him... im not gay.. i swear, I just find him attractive.

J@KE said...

Looks like a fun crew..... Hope you're havin' fun down there. Just don't forget where you come from. :-)