Monday, August 07, 2006

"Don't get emotional...just praise God."

The above concept jumped to the surface of my brain yesterday night as I was getting ready for praise & worship practice. I know that God is worthy of my praise regardless of what I'm feeling. My mind was battling to stay fixed on Christ, but He immediately brought focus the moment I began singing.

It felt so good to sing like that again. :)

I had taken some time off from the worship band this summer and having the chance to come back to it made me wonder why I ever stopped! I can pretend like I don't know why, but really, I do. I got so lost in my own world for a lot of reasons--mostly, selfishness and pride silently penetrated my lifestyle. Finally, I gave it up to God after He challenged all my plans.

You see, at church that morning I reconnected with an old friend and she unexpectedly asked me this question:
"Hey Sarah, you want to go to Uganda with me?"
My mind was shaken though I tried not to reveal my initial impression. I told her it did interest me but, more than anything, I have to pray about it first and figure what God's got planned.
Back to the band practice last night--it was my good friend Lee's last night playing guitar because he's leaving tomorrow for San Diego to work with the organization promoting the cause for the Invisible Children. He and I have been through a lot together and seeing the drastic choice he is making challenged me even more.
I've started questioning my plans/ideas of what I should be doing. All I know is that I was not meant to live an ordinary life.
((Needless to say the worship music was amazing last night!! God's spirit was MOVING!!!!))


Shyla said...

Something in my heart sighed when I read this post...
I believe it was the phrase "I am not meant to live an ordinary life". That very thought has been the cry of my heart... I dont want to live an ordinary life, and I dont feel I was created to live one...
Im with ya girl! There wouldn't be that passion to live an un-ordinary life if we werent created to do so!
Keep pressin on girl! :)

Sarah Renée said...

That's so true! Thanks for your input and encouragement!! :)