Saturday, January 19, 2008


The kind of bait you put out determines the type of fish you catch.

It's easy to want attention.
As a woman, it is even easier to find ways of gaining that attention.

But what is it worth in the end?
That gain is neither lasting nor fulfilling.

No guy is going to look at a girl's body and think "Man, I would love to learn about her character and interests."

It breaks my heart to see women throw away their desire to be a lady because they need security in a male now. He pursues her, he wins, no matter his integrity. If she even waits to let him pursue her.

My desire is for a partner. A team.
An outlook that respects, honors, and complements the other's strengths and weaknesses.
Our heart is for the Lord and His kingdom.
We wouldn't be in it just to get what we want from each other.

I know that is God's hope for all of us too.
It's not like these convictions were my idea!

But if I am to boast in anything, let me boast about the beauty my Lord has painted in my life.
His gentle, colorful brush strokes have covered every bit of tarnish and rust.
My Love has filled the holes of brokenness with satisfaction and joy.
I am no longer scrap metal.
Of that, I am certain.


abigail smith said...

You're so right! You seem to have a wonderful way of being so open and honest about life! I've actually been keeping up with your blog for a while now because of Sarah Barlow's link to you. ;) I actually just met Sarah and her family 2 1/2 weeks ago. This is obviously my first time posting. But I enjoy reading your blog, it makes me think. I really admire you and I pray that God continues to bless you in closeness with Him. And that He will bring the perfect match to you right when you're ready for it.

Bless you!

Sarah Renée said...

Thanks so much Abby! Your comment has definitely blown me away--it's encouraging to hear your thoughts and what you take away from my blog. :)

Hope to hear from you again soon!