Sunday, July 23, 2006

I love how You make me smile.

Man, I should be sleeping right now 'cause I'm tired, it's late, and my contacts are drying out...but I had such a good day that I just have to write about it!

Today, I went to a surprise party for my friend Sarah and it was just a blast. :) I would be content even as a fly on the wall of that house 'cause everyone there is just so full of joy it just makes me smile! A bunch of us met up at Praise Fellowship Church and then went over to her house and totally surprised her! I finally got the privilege of meeting the David Jay I've heard so much about! Haha! And it was great, he was all the good things I've heard about...and all the bad...JUST KIDDING!!!! I've only ever heard good about him!

So while we were there I was so encouraged when talking to Mr. Barlow about telling my friend about having Jesus as his savior. He reminded me that God did not give me a spirit of timidity or fear, but a spirit of boldness and strength. That's exactly what I needed to hear.

On the drive home I just sang to praise music and came clean with God. It feels so good to be forgiven...everytime! I can't even begin to say how grateful I am at the swiftness of God's mercy. He's unbelievable and there's nothing else I can say that would ever accurately describe who He is!

Being cleansed of my sins allows God come closer and take control of every aspect of my life, even my fears. So now, I'm just waiting on God's timing to give me an opportunity to talk with this friend of mine. I know it's all in His perfect, loving hands.


Andrew Barlow said...

Haha yeah!!!! We had a blast!!!! That was so fun last night!!!

Sarah Barlow said...

SARAH!!! You are incredible!! We were talking in the car after you left how amazing you are:) I love you!! Thanks for coming yesterday!! It was such a blast!!
"You don't really need it anyways!!!" LOL!!

Deyl said...

Totally encouraging words this morning! thanks!

Sarah Barlow said...

Oh yeah...I'm ready when you are!!
I'll cancel any plans just to go:)

OpenSourcePhoto said...

You're wonderful! The pleasure was all mine!

newloghere said...
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